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We look at the great new films coming to cinemas this year, including the eagerly-awaited new James Bond film Spectre, right  

This week’s new films

All this week’s releases, with their trailers, their plots ... and what movies1’s expert reviewers think of them. Plus a spotlight on the people behind some of them

Coming soon

All the new releases due in cinemas in the next four
months ... with the trailers
for the pick of the bunch.

Transformers top 2014 world box office

Transformers: Age of Extinction took $1.087 billion to top the box office worldwide last year. And we list 2014’s Top 30 films at the UK box office

Movie News

The hottest news and gossip about everything that’s

happening on the silver screen

My favourite film clip

Our readers and writers get the chance to premiere their all-time great scenes from the movies.

Why I love & why I hate

Jason Bournemouth and Anwar Brett reveal their choices  ̶  and they may surprise you

Movie Spotlight

We focus on some of the
lesser-known British filmmakers whose latest work is about
to hit our screens

My guilty secret

Robin Askew watches films for a living and he loves them. But he absolutely loathes seeing them with other people. Find out the reasons why

Guilty Pleasures

They’re the films you shouldn’t really like ... but you do.
movies1 writers reveal their secrets

The grey area

Nigel Powlson tells how two cinemas in Derbyshire are
pulling in packed houses of
mature moviegoers

Will Bollywood
conquer Hollywood?

Ash Hussain asks why India’s superstars, like Aishwarya Rai,
left, can never get their big
break in Western movies

Festival watch

Your invaluable guide to what’s happening at all the film festivals around the UK

A golden future

for the past

John Letham of distributors Park Circus on the pleasure he gets from restoring and reissuing classics like Brief Encounter,
left, for a new audience


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The word is movies1. The place
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So welcome to movies1,
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So why not send us YOUR own personal Why I Love …’ or ‘Why I Hate …’ Enthuse about YOUR Favourite all-time Film Clip or reveal YOUR ‘Guilty Pleasure’.

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Regular updates include lists of all the upcoming film releases in the next four months,  as well as background features on current stars and filmmakers.

The success of movies1 is entirely dependent on YOUR reaction – good or ill – to our content. Interactivity is the key. This is your platform. So let us know what you think NOW!

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